NEW OPENING SPECIAL 50% off on all detail work done till 8/1

Hi friends, I am looking for help to grow Pride Auto Detailing. Therefore we are offering 50% off details throughout July. This business was born out of a love for cars, and a desire to provide you with a better way to maintain your cars appearance conveniently for years. 

Too many people who care about their vehicles drive them into the automatic car wash machine every week and think they are doing their car a service. Years later when they try to sell or trade their vehicle they get pennies on the dollar for the investment they paid. 

We are here to help.

At Pride Auto Detailing we can take your car give it a deep clean, rejuvenation, and protect. After that one of our maintenance plans will keep your car looking new for its life. If you prefer to clean it yourself we can teach you how. Best thing about it is we come to you.


I encourage you to check out the website at or call at (417)763-7626 for a free quote and detail today.