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5 tips on how to care for your freshly detailed vehicle

It always stinks to spend hard earned dollars on a detail only to have it undone in a day or two! It seems like everything is out to make your car dirty again; whether the rain, snow, children, dogs, or even yourself.

So here are a few simple steps to keep your vehicle looking fresher…longer! Yes, I get it. If I teach you how to make your detail last, we may not see you as much.  Our goal is to educate our community and serve them the best way we know how.  This is not about money, it never has been. Money is nice, don’t get me wrong. But we wrote this article to help you save those hard-earned dollars not convince you to spend more of them!

Vinyl can be polished!!! Check out our vinyl restoration project!

Searching online I had found that no one had ever had any experience with polishing vinyl. So we had to try it out. One of my close friends Scion TC had a wrap installed two years ago and it was severely oxidized and swirled. So we performed this experiment to learn the effects of polishing surfaces like vinyl. 




How to Clean Your Vehicle's Interior!

How to Clean Your Vehicle's Interior!

Since I started this business the number one request for my clients is a thorough cleaning of the interior. Interior details are at least 65 percent of the details that I do. Because of this I wanted to teach you at home how you can clean your interior to a professional level with very little financial and time investment on this 2006 Mazda Tribute.