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Vinyl can be polished!!! Check out our vinyl restoration project!

Searching online I had found that no one had ever had any experience with polishing vinyl. So we had to try it out. One of my close friends Scion TC had a wrap installed two years ago and it was severely oxidized and swirled. So we performed this experiment to learn the effects of polishing surfaces like vinyl.

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5 tips on how to care for your freshly detailed vehicle

It always stinks to spend hard earned dollars on a detail only to have it undone in a day or two! It seems like everything is out to make your car dirty again; whether the rain, snow, children, dogs, or even yourself.

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Should I ceramic coat my car?

This is one of the questions we get often from people that buy new or "new to them" vehicles. The quick answer is, it depends. If you are the type of vehicle owner that wants your paint as shiny and perfect as possible, while being protected then my answer is yes.

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